Napoleon Vent Free Gas GVF36 Grandville VF36

The Napoleon GVF36 – Grandville VF36 is a vent free gas fireplace on the cutting edge of technology. This vent free napoleon2015logogas fireplace comes complete with Napoleon’s PHAZER® logs and advanced burner technology, which produces beautiful yellow and orange dancing flames. This Napoleon vent free gas fireplace provides up to 30,000 BTUs of warm, cozy heat.


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Product Information

The Napoleon GVF36 Grandville GVF36 Gas Fireplace is an attractive, full-sized, highly efficient fireplace. This gas fireplace does not require napoleon2015logoa chimney, and because it does not require any clearance to combustibles – can be installed almost any where! This great looking vent free fireplace that has a realistic flame with Napoleon’s innovative Yellow Dancing Flame burner system and ceramic Phazer logs. Even when your gas fireplace isn’t in use,The Napoleon GVF36 is the perfect addition for any room in your home.

Up to a maximum of 30,000 BTU’s with 99.9% steady state high efficiency
50% flame/heat adjustment for maximum comfort and efficiency
Equipped with 100% safety shut off feature, secondary safety system incorporates ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) for your peace of mind
Safety pull screen comes included
No electricity required – ensures reliable operation even during power failures
Yellow Dancing Flame® burner system and realistic PHAZER® logs create a natural wood burning look
Please note: Vent free fireplaces are not allowed in some states. Call your local zoning or building office to check your local ordinance.


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